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Montgomery County Child Support Lawyers

Child support is the payment of money for the support of the parties’ children from the non-custodial parent to the parent who has custody of the children.

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When determining child support, a court considers the income of each parent, the number of overnights that the children spend with each parent, childcare expenses incurred due to employment or job search, the cost of providing health insurance for the children, and any extraordinary medical expenses not covered by insurance. A court may also consider the cost of attending private school.

If one parent has the children for 273 or more overnights per year, child support is determined using the sole custody child support guidelines. If the non-custodial parent has the children 92 or more overnights per year, child support is determined using the shared custody child support guidelines. The amount of child support calculated using the shared custody child support guidelines is usually less than the amount calculated using the sole custody child support guidelines.

For combined incomes below $30,000.00 per month, child support is determined based on the Maryland child support guidelines.

The child support guidelines are mandatory, and the amount of child support determined by the guidelines is presumed to be correct. However, in certain cases where applying the guidelines would be unjust or inappropriate, a court may deviate from the child support guidelines.

In cases where the combined income of the parties is greater than the maximum amount of income under the child support guidelines schedule, child support is determined at the court’s discretion based on the best interest of the children. However, the amount of child support cannot be lower than what it would be under the highest income level in the child support guidelines.

Children are a top priority for our team at Meiselman Helfant & Wills. We are experienced in child support negotiation and litigation, no matter how complicated the financial situation may be. Our experienced team is also here to help you modify child support payments if there is a material change in circumstances and to act on your behalf to enforce a child support order.

The Maryland DHS has some helpful information on its site regarding child support questions and resources.

Still not sure or need more guidance on your unique child support case? Contact Meiselman Helfant & Wills for a consultation about any child support. We are here to help guide you through every step of the process.

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