February 2016

I did not start with Neal and Nogah – I was recommended to another law firm first and was very dissatisfied with the handling of the initial phases of my case. I spoke with a friend and she recommended that I talk with Neal Meiselman and Nogah Helfant. I did, and it was the best decision I made. When I had my first appointment with Neal and Nogah, I explained where things stood and Neal said that the way we should proceed was the way I thought it should go and I felt relieved. He made me feel at ease with my decision. From that point on, Neal and Nogah went to bat for me each time and during the most important phases of the divorce, they proved themselves to be very competent in handling all aspects of the case plus I felt that they had my interests at heart and they cared about the outcome. It was done with class, with finesse, and with the fierceness you need when fighting for your children and I think Neal and Nogah knew that from the outset. We did not win every aspect but I felt that they went to bat and did the best that they could under extreme circumstances. I highly recommend the integrity and care that they use in their services!

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