February 2018

Vince Wills impressed me throughout my case. He represented me during a three-day divorce trial where my ex-wife asked for long term alimony based on our 16-year marriage, a share of the value of my business, homes, and pension, and attorney’s fees. He also represented me in response to my ex-wife’s appeal. Vince successfully persuaded the judge that my ex-wife was voluntarily impoverished. The judge imputed income to my ex-wife and only awarded her short-term alimony to my retirement. Vince also convinced the judge not to award attorney’s fees to my ex-wife or more than half of the marital property. Vince successfully defended my ex-wife’s appeal. Vince is a tough litigator and advocate, but he was courteous and professional with me, the judge, my ex-wife, and the other lawyer during my case. Finally, the thing I admired most about Vince was the fact that he was honest and straight forward with me throughout my case.

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