January 2019

I am grateful to have had Vince’s representation and support. The divorce process can vary greatly depending on the parties. In my case, it was a contentious process, and I greatly appreciated having Vince’s representation and support during that time. Not only was Vince completely excellent and reliable when it came to making the necessary legal arguments, but he also was able to understand the frustrations that surrounded much of what was happening, and lend some perspective gained through his many years of experience. It makes a big difference to have someone in your corner that you know believes in your case, believes in you as a person, and who will litigate fully on your behalf. At all points of the process, I felt that Vince had my very best interest in mind, and I felt 100% comfortable trusting him to pursue the case in the manner he felt would provide the best outcome. I would fully recommend that those who are going through the process take the time to meet with Vince. He will litigate/negotiate your case in a tough yet fair manner and will have your back throughout.

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