What Our Clients Say About Us
Thank you for representing me and for all your hard work in getting the judgment RIGHT for my family and me since day one. Because of your thorough work, my children and I have enjoyed a harmonious and peaceful twelve years after divorce and still going. You cared about us and made sure all conflicts were resolved correctly at the beginning. I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding work. I am one of your most satisfied clients. —[Name withheld] April 2020
I feel very fortunate to have Neal Meiselman and Nogah Helfant as my lawyers in my divorce case. They both are the best ever! They are both so kind and understanding and really know their laws. They advocated for me til the last minute covering every corner. They were always so well prepared and the PERFECTION of the motions they filed, the timing of the filings, and the laws they sited. They are exceptional attorneys and always very well prepared. I am proud to say they were my lawyers. —[Name withheld] April 2020
Can I just tell you how much I appreciate the quick turnaround and attention to detail? So many people tell me that they cannot get responses from their attorneys. I have had the opposite experience and I am deeply grateful. You are making a very difficult time easier for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. —[Name withheld] January 2020
Neal and his staff really make you feel like part of the family! My initial consultation which was supposed to last only for an hour, lasted twice as long as that for no additional charge. Neal took his time to make sure I understood all aspects of the case, and what my options were going forward. Very relaxed atmosphere, no pressure! —[Name withheld] December 2019
I am grateful to have had Vince’s representation and support. The divorce process can vary greatly depending on the parties. In my case, it was a contentious process, and I greatly appreciated having Vince’s representation and support during that time. Not only was Vince completely excellent and reliable when it came to making the necessary legal arguments, but he also was able to understand the frustrations that surrounded much of what was happening, and lend some perspective gained through his many years of experience. It makes a big difference to have someone in your corner that you know believes in your case, believes in you as a person, and who will litigate fully on your behalf. At all points of the process I felt that Vince had my very best interest in mind, and I felt 100% comfortable trusting him to pursue the case in the manner he felt would provide the best outcome. I would fully recommend that those who are going through the process take the time to meet with Vince. He will litigate/negotiate your case in a tough yet fair manner, and will have your back throughout. —[Name withheld] January 2019
Neal Meiselman and Morgan Appel provide first-rate advice and advocacy that can be trusted in the most challenging family law matter. Their knowledge of the law and almost more importantly the way the courts actually work is invaluable. They helped me consider the risks and chart a path forward for me to attain my goals. They are insightful, empathetic, understanding, and never judgmental. I always felt comfortable discussing anything with them -- and that is how lawyers should be. —[Name withheld] 2019
Neal Meiselman and Nogah Helfant are both top shelf! Thank you for your help, guidance, and expertise. I was able to achieve everything that is important to me. It was apparent how respected they both are by everyone in the courthouse. I STRONGLY recommend both to anyone in need of family law professionals. —[Name withheld] 2019
Diligent, thorough, adept, and focused. They successfully managed a very difficult case for me. —[Name withheld] 2019
Vince Wills impressed me throughout my case. He represented me during a three-day divorce trial where my ex-wife asked for long term alimony based on our 16-year marriage, a share of the value of my business, homes and pension, and attorney's fees. He also represented me in response to my ex-wife's appeal. Vince successfully persuaded the judge that my ex-wife was voluntarily impoverished. The judge imputed income to my ex-wife and only awarded her short-term alimony to my retirement. Vince also convinced the judge not to award attorney's fees to my ex-wife or more than half of the marital property. Vince successfully defended my ex-wife's appeal. Vince is a tough litigator and advocate, but he was courteous and professional with me, the judge, my ex-wife, and the other lawyer during my case. Finally, the thing I admired most about Vince was the fact that he was honest and straight forward with me throughout my case. —[Name withheld] February 2018
Neal Meiselman and the entire staff are thorough, very knowledgeable, understanding and well-respected in the field. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to representing their clients. The firm is well-equipped to handle even the most difficult cases. I highly recommend them. —[Name withheld] February 2018
Divorce is miserable. Vince was someone I could trust, which is invaluable when navigating the confusing terrain of settlement agreements, court dates, and opposing attorneys. I felt confident that Vince made recommendations in my best interests, and those of my young daughter. He was willing to fight for me and I had the impression he (a) was well-known and well-respected in the industry and (b) personally cared about the outcome of my divorce. Vince was both professional and caring. He picked up the phone when I called or returned my calls right away. He was responsive to email. His invoices were clear and fair. I do not recommend divorce but, if you are in that boat, Vince is a great person to have on your side. Highly recommended. —[Name withheld] February 2018
Nogah Helfant is a caring and compassionate attorney who really knows her stuff! I always felt like I was speaking to a friend not just a lawyer. She was willing to work with me to set up a somewhat unusual settlement which served my purposes perfectly. She is excellent! —[Name withheld] February 2016
Nogah helped me with a very difficult divorce and child custody case. The custody case was made even more difficult by wrongful restraining orders against me by the other party, which were masterfully defended by Nogah, leading to their dismissal. She stays on top of all the issues and is very responsive to emails and phone calls. I totally relied on her advice and experience, even when things looked hopeless. It paid off. The end result was a favorable verdict of child custody for me. I highly recommend Nogah. I was fortunate to have her represent me! —[Name withheld] February 2016
I did not start with Neal and Nogah – I was recommended to another law firm first and was very dissatisfied with the handling of the initial phases of my case. I spoke with a friend and she recommended that I talk with Neal Meiselman and Nogah Helfant. I did, and it was the best decision I made. When I had my first appointment with Neal and Nogah, I explained where things stood and Neal said that the way we should proceed was the way I thought it should go and I felt relieved. He made me feel at ease with my decision. From that point on, Neal and Nogah went to bat for me each time and during the most important phases of the divorce, they proved themselves to be very competent in handling all aspects of the case plus I felt that they had my interests at heart and they cared about the outcome. It was done with class, with finesse and with the fierceness you need when fighting for your children and I think Neal and Nogah knew that from the outset. We did not win every aspect but I felt that they went to bat and did the best that they could under extreme circumstances. I highly recommend their integrity and care that they use in their services! —[Name withheld] February 2016
Ms. Helfant worked with me to get unpaid child support payments due to me from an earlier period, as well as increased payments due to a large increase in my ex-husband's income. Ms. Helfant was skillful, kind, reassuring, and responsive. She kept me apprised of the steps in this lengthy, but ultimately successful legal process. —[Name withheld] February 2016
Of all the decisions I made, the best by far was hiring you. There was never a moment that I did not completely trust your judgment and rely upon your advice. You were always totally on top of every matter, extremely organized, thoroughly knowledgeable, and well-prepared. Your confidence and professionalism provided me with the support and encouragement I needed. As I hope my [former spouse] now realizes, who you hire to represent you makes all the difference. —[Name withheld] Nov. 15, 2011
I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work. I truly feel that the best effort was put forth. Thanks for your honesty throughout the case as well. I have had my fair share of attorneys that did not believe in my case and just took my money. I thank you again for opening my eyes to reality, being honest, and putting forth the best effort possible to achieve what I wanted to happen. —[Name withheld] April 30, 2014
Thank you so much for all of your hard work yesterday, and in preparation for it. I am really at ease today because I feel that I had the chance to tell my story in an organized and effective way; thanks to you for preparing me. I really appreciate everything you are doing for me, and I am glad to have you on my side. —[Name withheld] Nov. 15, 2007
Thank you for the phenomenal work that you guys did! I have had multiple representations and none compare to the commitment, attention to detail, and the level of effort that both of you displayed in this case. You genuinely believed and understood what I was trying to accomplish for [my child], which was so important to me. There are no words that can describe the happiness you have brought my life. —[Name withheld] Jan. 28, 2013
Thank you both for doing such a great job. You have helped me lift a huge weight, and I thank you for that from the deepest bottom of my heart. —[Name withheld] July 27, 2011
Thank you both for doing such a great job. All of your staff was so supportive of me and I really want to thank them as well. I now feel like I can start my life over with some pride and dignity that was lost for so long. —[Name withheld] Jan. 28, 2010

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Thanks to all of our clients and staff who practiced safe distancing with us while we worked remotely from home since the middle of March. Our office is now open for in person discussions, meetings and negotiations. While in our office, your and our safety is our primary concern. We are committed to keeping everyone who enters our office space as safe as possible.

Each person who enters our office will be asked to consent to a no-contact temperature check and will be given a mask, which you will be required to wear while in our office. We have placed hand sanitizer throughout the office. We are also committed to maintaining a safe social distance while in our office, and we have erected physical protective barriers, similar to the ones found in grocery stores, in our lobby and conference room. However, if you are reluctant to meet in person, we continue to offer remote services, including mediations, through Zoom. We have used Zoom with great success during the pandemic, and we expect it will become the wave of the future as virtual meetings with safeguards are confidential, reliable, convenient, and more cost efficient for our clients.

We look forward to discussing all of your family law concerns with you.