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Montgomery County Mediation Lawyers

A mediator is a neutral third party who helps facilitate settlement discussions between the parties in a confidential environment. Mediation services can be used to settle issues involving the division of assets, retirement accounts, alimony, child support, custody arrangements, and more. The attorneys at Meiselman Helfant & Wills are regularly appointed by the court as mediators to help families resolve their cases. In addition, we also provide private mediation services.

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What are the advantages of mediation?

  • Provides a calm, reflective setting for personal matters and creates a more informal environment for problem-solving.
  • Provides a means for private and confidential exchange of information.
  • Less costly than litigation, both emotionally and financially.
  • Often less time-consuming than litigation as well.
  • Allows the parties to control the outcome, as opposed to an arbitrator or judge.
  • Mediation discussions are kept confidential and cannot be used as evidence in any court hearings.

Mediation can occur at any time, even if the litigation process has already begun. If you decide that you need a more cost-effective and efficient solution, mediation is likely the best path forward to reach an amicable outcome.

Our team has over 55 years of combined experience in all areas of family law, including mediation. Meiselman Helfant & Wills offers mediation services to clients in Montgomery, Howard, Prince George’s, or Frederick counties. Give us a call today to begin the mediation process.

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